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When: The first Saturday of every month

Where: The Elkhart County Correctional Facility near the intersection of County Road 7 and County Road 26 in Elkhart, with the entrance off of County Road 7. 

Hours: 8:00am to 3:00pm, Eastern Time 



Floorcare products, furniture polish, metal polish

Nail polish and polish remover - up to 5 gallons per item

Antifreeze, brake fluid, gasoline, kerosene, transmission fluid, windshield washer fluid, used motor oil - up to 5 gallons per item



Glue, mineral spirits, oil-based paint, aerosol paints, paint thinner, paint stripper, rust remover, varnish, wood preservative - up to 5 gallons per item

Fungicide, insecticide, weed killer, rat/mouse poison

Household cleaners, gun cleaning solvent, mothballs, lighter fluid, swimming pool chemicals - up to 5 gallons per item

Unused or expired medications

You may also drop off sharps but they must be in a puncture-proof container.




Compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs)

Rechargeable batteries, lithium batteries

Car batteries


Tires: Bring to the landfill for a fee, $4 for passenger size, $10 for semi-truck, $40 for tractor size. Or you can return tires to a store that sells tires (area retailer).

Electronic waste: Electronic waste (such as computers, TVs, VCRs, copiers and printers) are accepted at the landfill for $10.00 per unit.

Microwaves: Bring to the Landfill for a fee, or you can throw away in your trash. You can also take them to Schupan and Sons, 574-524-2100, or Omnisource, 574-534-3455.

Refrigerators and Freezers: Can be taken to Omnisource in Goshen - 574-534-3455.

Latex Paint: Absorb paint with shredded newspaper, kitty litter, sand, sawdust, or other absorbent and dispose of in your trash. Aerosol cans can be emptied of their contents and disposed of in the trash. Oil-based paint is accepted.

Alkaline Batteries: Dispose of in your trash.



Medications may be dropped off in the lobby of any Elkhart County Police Station, except Millersburg, 365 days a year. The police departments DO NOT accept sharps (such as needles, syringes, lancets, or auto-injectors).

Medications and sharps are accepted at the monthly household hazardous waste collections, but sharps must be stored in a puncture-proof container.

You may also add water to pills, seal the lid tightly, and seal the whole container in a resealable plastic bag. You may soak up liquid medications with sand or kitty litter, secure the lid tightly, and seal the whole container in a resealable plastic bag. Both may be disposed of in a landfill in that condition.

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