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Recycling improves American economies and supports American industries.

Certain manufacturers rely on recycled materials for their products. These manufacturers employ over 30,000 Hoosiers and have created a market demand for recycled materials.


Over 30 small  businesses have also been created to meet the electronic waste recycling demands of Indiana.

Supports  American Economies

Recycling increases the need for jobs in related industries because recycling materials requires more labor.


In 2012, a study found that diverting 10% of Indiana landfilled items would create 3,877 jobs and that diverting 50% of that waste would create 20,000 new Indiana jobs. 

Creates Jobs

Recycling conserves useful resources such as timber and water.

By actively recycling paper we can reduce the use of timber by 60%, according to the National Institute of Health.  

Conserves American Resources


Recycling saves energy because more energy is used to create products from raw materials.


Recycling steel saves 60% of energy in production.

Recycling glass saves 40% of energy  

Recycling plastic saves 70% of energy 

Reduces Energy Usage 

Recycling prevents pollution because it reduces the need to produce brand new products. 

For example, by using recycled steel instead of pure steel,  97% of mining waste can be avoided. 

Reduces Pollution 

The energy needed to dispose of and remake items uses greenhouse gases.

Indiana was able to prevent the release of 92,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent in 2012 by recovering 39,000 tons of electronic waste. 

Reduces Green House Gases


Recycling reduces waste created by humans and is something we can improve on.

In 2012, 66% of what is landfilled / incinerated could have been diverted. 

Reduces Waste

Recycling reduces consumer costs because they reduce the cost of raw materials.

When manufacturers use recycled materials, lower costs can be passed onto the consumer.

Consumers buying raw materials also save money.

Reduces Consumer Cost

Recycling improves the overall quality of living for a community. Fewer greenhouse gases and pollution improve air quality. Increased jobs improve the economy.

Resource management saves money in the long run.

The individual benefits of recycling come together to increase the quality of life for community members.

Improves Quality of Living

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