Now that your Green Team has earned credits for your school, what should you spend the money on? We have offered a few ideas on this page, based on feedback we have received from teachers across Elkhart County. There is no requirement to use cash prize items for only items listed here; these are just suggestions to help your school decide what to spend money on. To learn how to allocate cash rewards for your school, refer to our FAQs page.

Playground Equipment


1. Benches

2. Springs

3. Outdoor Musical Instruments 



1. Balances

2. Swing Sets

3. Merry-Go-Rounds


1. Basketball Hoops

2. Climbing Walls

3. Infrastructure  Repairs (i.e. blacktopping pavement or basketball court) 

Kids at Playground

Club Supplies

Robotics & Technology Clubs

1. Ozobot

2. Wonder Workshop Club Pack

3. Use funds to register or travel to state and national competitions

Drama Clubs

1. Sewing Machines 

2. Theater Props

3. Hardware Tools

High School Orchestra