Prairie View First School to be Gold-Leaf Certified

The Gold Leaf Certification, given out by the Green Schools Initiative, is an impressive feat only completed by one school in the program’s four-semester run. To be considered Gold Leaf Certified, a school must complete 12 credits in one semester. Prairie View Elementary is the first school to receive the distinction.

During their last semester in the program, the spring semester of 2020, Prairie View completed the following activities:

  • Had a Teacher Green Team meet at least three times

  • Had a student recycling club that met and hosted activities

  • Placed recycling bins in all of their classrooms

  • Converted all of their printers to double-sided printing

  • Organized a school-wide recycling drive

  • Implemented a food sharing table

  • 50% of Prairie View teachers provided one classroom lesson that pertained to recycling

  • Created a green board with recycling tips

  • Organized external learning opportunities for students.

Perhaps what makes Prairie View stand out most of all is how they went above and beyond during their time in the Green Schools Initiative program. They worked hard and reached Gold Leaf Certification within three semesters. Not only that, but they installed solar panels at their school which earned them bonus credits.

Ruth Roth from Prairie View Elementary stated: “We’re grateful to you and this program for encouraging and affirming us. This is important work! We are committed to continuing and initiating new practices at Prairie View that are environmentally friendly ... It's now part of our identity and school culture, which we’re proud of.”

We certainly are proud of the accomplishments of Prairie View and are excited to congratulate future Gold Leaf Certified Schools.