Winner Announced for the Recycling Barrel Competition

The Elkhart County 4-H Fair Green Committee hosted a Recycling Barrel Competition where they invited participants to decorate barrels. The goal of this competition was to involve clubs in a creative community service project. The Green Committee set out to provide 20 barrels on a first-come-first-serve basis. After the competition, the Green Committee will use the 30-gallon barrels for events at the 4-H fairgrounds.

The Green Committee provided the recycling barrels to eligible clubs. Interested participants could submit up to three designs for approval to the committee before receiving the barrels.

The Elkhart County Landfill announced the 2020 winners of the competition at the end of September. First place went to Kind Clover 4-H Club. Second and third place went to Elkhart County Poultry Club and Elkhart County Rabbit Club respectively. Fourth place went to Elkhart County Auto Mechanics Spark Club.

Judges ranked the overall impression, use of space, and the details/colors of the barrels. They also considered the lettering participants used, messaging, and how much the barrels related to the environment or recycling.

We at Solid Waste commend the hard work and creativity of these teams and hope to see what teams will create in the future.